SINCE 1972

Luiz Carlos Coelho began his activities as an intellectual property agent in the early 70s and founded Simbolo IP at a shared office located in São Paulo downtown. Back then, few people knew about the importance of intellectual property rights in Brazil and, facing with the apparent lack of awareness, Mr. Coelho set up one goal: to share his knowledge and disseminate the culture of protection of intellectual property rights. He was admired for his professionalism, competence and commitment with clients.

Fabricio Vilela Coelho and Fernanda Vilela Coelho joined the firm in the 2000s, developed a professionalized management structure and extended the scope of practice internationally. Years of investment in infrastructure and professional training contributed for the growing and sustainability of the partnership.

In 2013, according to the increase of the client’s portfolio to a variety of areas, Simbolo IP became VilelaCoelho, embodying legal services related to the intellectual property field. The continuous expansion of practices has kept our firm’s main purpose: provision of highly specialized services, close proximity to clients (CLIENT CARE ™) and dissemination of culture of protection.


Constant evolution: to be prepared for challenges and transformations over time
Responsibility to support our clients

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Integrity and commitment are part of our firm’s DNA since its foundation. Our standard of a client-oriented approach allows us to provide smart, effective and results-oriented strategies for the promotion and management of intangible assets.

Understanding our clients’ needs allows us to identify and implement, in a direct and singular manner, the best strategies for the protection of intellectual property rights, and to accomplish our mission: to contribute for the awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property in Brazil and abroad

With our high-end technology and our teams’ skills and abilities, VilelaCoelho offers smart solutions in all IP related areas, keeping the focus on our clients’ achievements, always.


Every corporation must comply with its social responsibility: to give the benefits acquired in the provision of the services back to the community. VilelaCoelho supports initiatives in favor of the enhancement of the people’s quality of life, such as APAE, LARAMARA, GRAAC, and INSTITUTO SENSE.

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